Releasing Negativity

Panic and unresolved rage are detrimental to your health. Although they are not specifically the very same, an excellent overlap is already existing between your thoughts and also physical body, unifying them. Ease your psychological anxiety and your physical body will certainly be healthier as a result.

Feeling Better Is a Process

Pessimism builds up inside us over time. With such as long time to build up, removing it can only happen gradually over time, as we delve deep into each subsequent layer and work on clearing it. It’s ideal to eradicate as much of each unfavourable feeling as you possible before moving on to the next layer.

What Should I Release

You will intrinsically know which of your feelings most need to be released, and which ones are most important to start with. You will need to start on some of the deepest feelings first, and continue working on them several times to clear even deeper unreleased feelings. Panic, fury, anger, rejection, blame, embarrassment, anxiety, fear, shame, upset, loathing, envy, and hatred are excellent to start with.

What should I expect to feel?

Removing negativity is not a depressing practice, it is a release of the deepest type. When you start to release your deep feelings and layers of fear, you will not have a sense of being afraid, you experience being relieved of fear. Working on your rage doesn’t cause you to fly into a rage. Your feelings of rage will start to pass, and it is a liberating feeling. The previous damaging feelings are completely released from within your soul. Each and every time you work on releasing negative emotions of any kind, you will feel a whole lot better. With each layer that gets peeled away, you will start to feel a sense of peace and relief. Releasing pent up emotions shouldn’t make you feel nervous or apprehensive, it should be an exciting time to look forward to as they end result will mean you have a much more peaceful existence.

Steps to take to release negative emotion

Find a quiet place with no interruptions

Breathe deeply a few times

Close your eyes

Imagine yourself being in a stunning place – like the top of a mountain, or in a quiet place by a calm sea

Choose one of your current negative emotions

Observe it, then visualise yourself releasing it from your body and soul

Feel into it moving away from your body and floating up into the atmosphere and dissolving

Say to yourself “I have finally released this feeling of XYZ that has been torturing my soul

Repeat this release with all of the other negative and destructive emotions you have pent up inside you

A week later, repeat this exercise. Each time you do this, work on a deeper layer of this emotion, until eventually, it is not within your soul any longer.

After each session, it is important to replace these negative feelings that have been released with positive thoughts and feelings. You do this through positive talk, or affirmations. An example of this would be:

Old feeling = rage

Positive affirmation = “I am at peace with myself. I feel calm and relaxed in every situation”

If you find that you have difficultly doing this on your own, then look towards a guided meditation to release fear and negativity. There are many available online. This can give you the opportunity to be guided through the stages of release.