What Can Hypnosis Help Me With?

A lot of people may have qualms about trying hypnotherapy. They think it’s bogus or ineffective. But you’ll be amazed at the number of issues hypnotherapy can help you with. Of course, if it’s a physical disorder, that is something that hypnotherapy cannot help you with. But if it’s a physical issue with a psychological aspect, hypnotherapy may just be the solution to that. I will list a few among the many disorders hypnosis or hypnotherapy can help with.

  1. Smoking cessation.

There are many methods on how to stop smoking: reducing the number of cigarette sticks consumed in a day, chewing on nicotine gums and many others. How hypnotherapy helps you stop smoking is by helping you quit simply. It helps you visualize a non-smoking version of you. It helps you realize that you can live without smoking. It brings out your subconscious decision to do so.

  1. Losing weight.

Hypnosis can help you lose weight the natural way. No pills or medical procedures needed! Using guided relaxation techniques, hypnosis will help you get rid of your bad eating habits and develop a better self-image. You will realize that binge-eating or stress-eating will not truly make you happy, but making healthier decisions will.

  1. Marijuana dependence

Prolonged consumption of marijuana will pose health risks in the future such as respiratory and immune system problems, depression, feelings of paranoia and eventually, psychosis. Hypnotherapy will help marijuana users focus on new goals and programs by helping you face the reasons behind the use of the said substance.

Hypnotherapy has been used to help mothers give birth in a less stressful and painful way. It helps you eliminate the mother’s fear and tension, by helping her relax and visualize an easy and comfortable birthing. Studies show that the practice of hypnosis during childbirth has helped decrease caesarian section rates, lowered the average length of labor and decreased the use of pain medication during childbirth.

Insomnia can be a difficult disorder to overcome. That’s because when you’re stressing out because you cannot sleep, it’s almost certain you won’t be able to. Hypnosis will help you overcome insomnia by teaching you some relaxation techniques, by helping you relax physically and then mentally.


Hypnosis can help you with a whole lot of other disorders. It can help you deal with your phobias, bad habits, sexual problems, motivation and even PTSD. If you have these types of psychological issues, find yourself a good hypnotherapist to help you beat those problems.